Discover the Ultimate Expat Lifestyle at Bagnall Haus: Home to Prestigious International Schools and a Diverse Community in Singapore

With a diverse range of housing options and a vibrant community, Bagnall Haus offers a comfortable and convenient living experience for families. Additionally, its proximity to various amenities and recreational facilities, such as shopping malls, parks and beaches, makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a well-rounded lifestyle. With its blend of educational excellence and attractive residential options, Bagnall Haus truly stands out as a premier international living destination in Singapore.

Bagnall Haus has become a highly sought-after destination for expatriate families and those in pursuit of an international education for their children, thanks to the presence of two renowned international schools – the Global Indian International School (East Coast Campus) and Sekolah Indonesia Singapura.

Catering to a diverse group of students from various backgrounds, both schools offer a comprehensive curriculum that aligns with global standards, making them an ideal choice for families living abroad. The East Coast Campus …